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chaos cricket
09 April 2009 @ 11:31 am
My uncle, an amazing guitarist, has taken to sending me demos of stuff he's been working on. He's asked me to work up some lyrics for the songs. This is the first effort. Not my best ever, but it feels good to be writing again.

When you wake up at 4 in the mornin'
Your pillow soaked through with sweat and tears
Call on me, and I'll come runnin'
To chase away all those blues and tears

Don't cry, dry those tears
Don't cry, I'll kiss those tears away
Don't cry, dry those tears
Don't cry, everything is okay

You know there's nothing that we can't conquer
No situation that we can't outlast
Dry your eyes here on my shoulder
Remember that this, too, shall pass

Don't cry, dry those tears
Don't cry, I'll kiss those tears away
Don't cry, dry those tears
Don't cry, everything is okay

Sometimes we feel so lost and hurt
Overwhelmed by all our fears
Sometimes we feel so broken inside
But that's no reason for tears

Don't cry, dry those tears
Don't cry, I'll kiss those tears away
Don't cry, dry those tears
Don't cry, everything is okay.
chaos cricket
08 August 2007 @ 02:55 pm
This is a song I started ages ago. Had the first verse, the chorus, and part of the second verse written in one sitting. I went back and edited the first verse and chorus and added to the second verse (tweaking a few words here and there in what I already had of verse two), then added a third verse and set the whole thing to chords. I'm fairly happy with the results; it's a slower song than what I usually put together, which is a nice change. ~chuck

Stumble in, shake the sunshine from my shoulders
Shuffle off the dust from my shoes
Break a leg, move yourself to center stage
But in the spotlight, you're afraid to move
Standing on the shoulders of the shadows of giants
Building up dust to skyscrapers of gold
Seek my redemption at the bottom of the well
Run the swift race with the brave and the bold

Waiting at the bus stop for God
Waiting for the words I forgot
Waiting in your shadow all day
Waiting for you to just look my way
Waiting for you to just look my way

Stare blindly into burning moonlight
Burnt out my eyes with the light of the truth
Got new eyes now, eyes of pure love
Things getting clearer as I get long in the tooth
I ask for nothing but sight profound
A sign that this isn't all that there is
Small things forgotten, long-buried in your heart
A glimpse of the Divine, a sense of the Presence


Lost in the madness of deepest disquiet
Lost in my thoughts a tthe ends of the Earth
A single voice will cry out tonight
As the wheel spins from death to rebirth.
chaos cricket
16 July 2007 @ 06:03 pm
Long time no see, folks. Haven't really written much since...um...February, but I did start putting this down on paper about a week ago. I've fiddled with it a bit since then, adding and removing pieces I liked or didn't care for. It's very much a work in progress. Damn thing still needs a chorus, for starters. But hey, it's words on a page, and I'm fairly content with several of the words, so that's a step in the right direction. ~chuck

Another graceless, shapeless morning
Another day of nameless dread
I lack the peace of mind today
To even drag myself from bed
To even drag myself from bed

Another heartless, merciless crime
Another blemish on my skin
Just one more thing to account for
In the day of reckoning
In our coming day of reckoning

Reflecting back on all my sins
I see one long, unbroken line
A strand connecting you to me
Ties your redemption up in mine
Ties your redemption up in mine

Cast out across the sleepless nights
Cast out into the darkening void
These stolen moments of harmony
Were never meant to be enjoyed
Were not ours to be enjoyed

Rattle the bars, strain the chains
This cage cannot hold me in
When I break free, you'll be there with me
And we'll never go back again
We'll never go back again.
chaos cricket
14 February 2007 @ 07:17 pm
My wife Michelle doesn't really go in much for the commodified expression of corporate-approved love (i.e., Valentine's Day), but I'm a sentimentalist and will take any excuse to shower love and affection on my significant other. Honestly, I don't really need a reason to do it, per se, but it's nice to have an excuse to give her presents and say sappy things. The song below is one I just wrote this evening; it's sort of a belated wedding present, if you will, and a meager effort to put into words what I cannot actually put into words. I figure love's kinda like an atomic particle: you can know where it's headed or where it is, but never both at once. That being said, I know I love this woman more and more each day, and I can't encompass how much I love her in words because the words don't adequately describe how I feel right this moment 'cause it's always increasing. Call me saccharine, but that's how this love stuff goes, yo. ~chuck

If the words don't quite rhyme
And they're hard to sort out
You know I stumble and stutter
Whenever you are about
And when I think
Our love goes no higher
I find I love you still more
My heart proves me a liar

How can I put into words or song
You're the love I've been looking for all along

How could I make
A box with these lines
And define my love
Which grows all the time
How can mere language
Contain the sublime
Or the way that two hearts
Beat in the same perfect time


So this little ditty
This lilting little poem
Is just a reminder
To my heart's true home
No matter the future
For good or for ill
I love you so much
I'll love you much more still

[chorus x2].
chaos cricket
15 January 2007 @ 04:32 pm
Here's another song I wrote in class that night. I figured it'd have a sort of Carl Perkins feel to it, but that'll probably depend largely on Clyde.

Also, I got married this weekend. Go Team Cottrell! ~chuck

I was never out hittin' the town
But my baby came and shot me down
She never once apologized
But she's steppin' out with other guys
Since I got out of the pen
This is the way it's always been

It's a double standard
Yeah, a double standard
I screw up, I'm on my ass
She's makin' me crawl 'cross broken glass
But she's out foolin' around
It's a double standard

I get my check, bring it on home
It goes to her her and she gets to roam
I stay home night after night
Why don't my baby treat me right
What's a whippin' boy to do?
I make a peep, she'll turn the screws


Well, that's it, I've had my fill
I'm climbin' in the car behind the wheel
Change my hair, change my name
Get outta town, start over again
I've had it with my ornery girl
Gonnag ive someone else a whirl

[chorus x2]
chaos cricket
10 January 2007 @ 10:52 am
Here's a song I finished up while sitting in class last night. It was a really productive night: two complete songs, half of another, and a rewrite to a verse from a previously-completed song that I'd never really felt happy about before. Granted, I learned squat about post-secondary transition education, but what can you do? ~chuck

Do I have what it takes
Do I have the courage of my convictions
Can I own up to my mistakes
Accept that I made some wrong decisions
With gold and silver in my hand
The price is paid, though dearly bought
And for all the errors made
I can still say I'm glad I fought

So if the race is run
And I have found someone
Someone to hold my hand at the finish line
So if I come undone
And can't recall who won
I found someone to comfort me this time

And if this is the final act
My last chance to show what I'm worth
Resuscitated for one last effort
One last shot at a death and rebirth
I'm done spinnin' my wheels
Done with chewing on a meatless bone
Gonna grasp for my glory
Take the trophies back with me home


A victory hard-fought
A defeat that was so hard-won
Snatched from the jaws of life
Taken away before I'd really begun
My race is all but run
I can see what amounts to my finish line
Now I can come undone
I found someone to carry me this time

chaos cricket
28 November 2006 @ 08:34 pm
Dunno what this'll end up being, if anything. Could be a short story, could be a comic idea. I'm not really certain yet. Depends on how it all plays itself out. Guess we'll see... ~chuck

How far back do we go to find a beginning?

Back to the days when superhumans were feared and hated; hunted like animals for sport and spite?

To the golden age, when extraordinary individuals soared overhead like gods and goddesses of elemental power and moral superiority?

Or more recently, when we insisted they put the "human" before the "super" and walk among us; earthbound gods shackled by gravity and small, fearful minds?

No, the past is not the place for our beginning. Let us look to the present, to today: a day like any other...
chaos cricket
06 October 2006 @ 07:04 pm
Got bored during my planning period (which is what happens when you've got all your classes planned out two weeks in advance), and this is just the start of something I jotted down. ~chuck

We rolled the windows down
And got out of town
Singin' old Bruce Springsteen songs
We knew all the words
And as we took each curve
With the Boss we sang right along
Along Route Sixty-six
We got our kicks
In the diners along the way
In hte dark one night
She gave up our flight
Said she was goin' home to stay
chaos cricket
10 September 2006 @ 02:21 pm
Finally wrote a whole song, start to finish, for the first time in much too long (last whole song I wrote in one shot was back in March or April). Wrote this one during church, where I get a lot of my writing done (hey, the pastor gives decent sermons, but they go on much too long). Anyway, let me know what you think. ~chuck

You freed the captives
You saved the land
Swooped in at the last second and took my hand
You gave me love
You gave me comfort true
Held my head when I was feelin' hang-dog blue

But now
I see the writing
On the wall

You quoted chapter
You quoted verse
Told me why it wouldn't work out in a fair universe
You took your love
Took your comfort true
Took everything from me, left me hang-dog blue

And now
I see the writing
On the wall

I hear the message
I see the signs
This thing is over, long past its time
I count my blessings
I count my sins
I stand repentant as it all falls in the end

There's nothing left now
There's a husk
A pale reminder in the gathering dusk
You did me wrong, now
Took back your favors
Broke me down, to the ground, ruined my labors

And now
I see the writing
On the wall

I hear the message
I see the signs
This love is gone long past its time
I count my blessings
I count your sins
I stand repentant for the things that end
I stand repentant for the things that end
I stand repentant for the things you end.
chaos cricket
05 September 2006 @ 12:10 am
My most recent lyrical endeavours. And yes, I spell "endeavours" the British way. I'm an Anglophile, so deal with it. This is for one of the songs Clif wants me to write, about a relationship that started out good but has gone to bad. ~chuck

Is our love just a scrapbook
Is my unbroken heart just a picture on the page
Have our days finally run their course
Like an old love letter yellowed with time and age